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PG episode 110

On this edition of Pure Gold which aired Wednesday May 30th, 2012 we covered covered the recent WWE RAW show. We also had Kevin Canessa on to touch on the ...

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Survivor Series Recap Video

We took an old school approach, on the exact 1 yr anniversary when we started our show through You Tube, with this video recap of the Survivor Series.Hope you enjoy ...

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Bright Lights at it again

Folks after the epic rant from last night's show about him Bright Lights Jarrett Foster has decided to retaliate with another video. Check it out and what will our response ...

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Bright Lights Jarrett Foster of the IWF talking smack about Pure Gold

So as an update to our show last night we had Flex Freeman on the program discussing his recent IWF heavyweight Championship title win. When the discussion turned to ...

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